Aim & Objective

Business activity is focused around the achievement of business aims and business objectives. A business aim is the goal a business wants to achieve. A primary aim for all business organisations is to add value and in the private sector this involves making a profit.More strategic aims include expansion, market leadership and brand building.

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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

“To develop, source and efficiently provide performance improving administrative, management solutions and information systems based on a state-of-the-art information technology, at the most competitive rates and in a manner that more than meets the expectations of clients and stakeholders.”

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Strategy & Approach

ISOFT SYSTEMS strategy is to take away the uncertainty in ICT and Business Management solution selection. On this we focuses on creating MIS/IT systems and Management Solutions in close collaboration with our clients in order to achieve a solution reflecting their specific requirements, needs and wishes to help implement client’s best business practices hence increase performance and productivity.

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The Company

INTEGRATED SOFTWARE SYSTEMS (ISOFT SYSTEMS) LIMITED was incorporated in Kenya in the year 2006 as an Information Communication and Technology company that offers Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, Business Information Systems, Software Development, ICT Products ISOFT SYSTEMS and Services using ultra-modern technologies and has been operating under the same name. The company was first registered as a Business name then later changed to a limited company.

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